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Novolax Bisacodyl Laxative Tablet BP (5mg) 105s

Original price was: RM 24.90.Current price is: RM 19.00.

Rowatinex For Renal & Urinary Disorders / Kencing Kotor / Lawas Kencing

Original price was: RM 88.00.Current price is: RM 85.00.

Daflon Tablets 500mg Buasir (30’s)

Original price was: RM 65.00.Current price is: RM 56.00.

Aveflon 500mg 30 Tablets Buasir Hemorrhoid aveflon 500mg

Original price was: RM 33.00.Current price is: RM 24.50.

Senokot Laxative Tablet With Senna 60s For Constipation

Original price was: RM 20.90.Current price is: RM 18.90.

Maalox Plus Simethicone Chewable Tablet 10×4 Strips/ Angin/Gastric & GERD Care

Original price was: RM 22.50.Current price is: RM 14.50.

Aloclair Spray Plus 15ML Mouth Ulcer Spray

Original price was: RM 42.90.Current price is: RM 39.90.

Buasir Hemorid 450/50MG Tablet 100S

Original price was: RM 99.00.Current price is: RM 89.00.

Vitamin C Cebion Effervescent 1000mg with Calcium 40s Box

Original price was: RM 49.00.Current price is: RM 45.00.

21st Century Chewy DHA For Brain Health Vitamin Minda 45’S

Original price was: RM 25.50.Current price is: RM 20.50.

Kids Vitamin C 100mg Chewette Vitamin C 100’S Orange/Blackcurrant 60s

Original price was: RM 28.90.Current price is: RM 19.90.

Ranbaxy’s Garlic Pearls (100s)

Original price was: RM 21.90.Current price is: RM 18.90.

Seven Seas Multivitamin Syrup 2 x 100ml

Original price was: RM 59.90.Current price is: RM 52.90.

Berocca Multivitamin Effervescent Tablets Orange (30’s)

Original price was: RM 64.90.Current price is: RM 59.00.

Redoxon Triple Action Effervescent Orange Tablets (30’s)

Original price was: RM 59.00.Current price is: RM 57.90.