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First Aid Kit Equipped PVC

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First Aid Kit NPE 404 PVC Complete
Set Large 100% Original and New High quality PVC Completes set of First Aid Items.
Total numbers of items: 16 Comes with First Aid Booklet
1.Quality PVC Box 26.5cm Length x8cm Width x13cm Height x1 pc
2.Acriflavine Sol 30ml 1 btl
3.Plaster Strips 4pcs
4.WOW Bandage 7.5cm 1 rolls
5.Utility Scissors 1pc
6.Plastic Forcep 1pc
7.Surgical tape 1.25cm x1m 1 roll
8.Gauze swabs 5cm x5pcs 1 pkts
9.Antiseptic Wash Lotion 50ml 1 btl
10.Absorbent Cotton Balls (Sterile) 10pcs 1 pkt
11.Medicated Oil 3ml 1 btl
12.Alcohol Swab (Sterile) 2pcs
13.Triangular Bandare with safety pin 1pc
14.Wooden Splint 1 pair
15.Latex Glove 1 pair
16.Content Card
17.First Aid Booklet