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Hiruscar Gel 5G Skin Care Gel for Scars


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Hiruscar is a quick-absorbing non-greasy and film-free clear gel that helps reduce scar visibility. Hiruscar is specially formulated with 6 natural and scientific active ingredients that work synergistically to help lighten, smoothen, and flattens scars safely and effectively.

Hiruscar Gel is specially formulated to treat hypertrophic scars, keloid scars and atrophic scars.

Start using Hiruscar as soon as the wound is closed. Apply only a small amount of Hiruscar to the scar as a little bit goes a long way. The key to obtaining the best results is persevering and being consistent in your applications, 2 to 3 times a day is ideal. For new scars, use Hiruscar for 4 to 8 weeks and for old scars, 4 to 6 months. Use your application time to massage your scar as this will assist with your body’s natural healing process.