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Limited Time Mecomin Special 2×90’s + 60’s

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Mecobalamin protects against neurological (nerve) disease
Suitable for diabetics and pre-diabetics
Contains the active form of vitamin B12

Live-well MECOMIN contains mecobalamin, the neurologically-active form of vitamin B12 vital to the peripheral nervous system. Live-well MECOMIN is orally active and thus need not be converted from the inactive form, cyanobalamin to its active form, mecobalamin.

Mecobalamin protects against neurological (nerve) disease and has the ability to regenerate damaged nerves in people (especially diabetics) with peripheral nerve damage. Diabetics and pre-diabetics are advised to supplement with mecobalamin as they are most prone to peripheral nerve damage. If nerve damage is left untreated for an extended period, diabetics face a higher risk of leg amputations.