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Promisemed Pen Needle 5mm Purple

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Promisemed Pen Needle 5mm Purple 32G x 4mm – 100pcs

Pen needle 32G x 4mm
Easy to use
Single use only, disposable device
Safety to handle
Easy to read numbers
Thin, Fine, Sharp
Extra lubricated needle, providers greater comfort

Model Number: IPN-32-4
Color: Green
Certificate: CE ISO
Application: Insulin injection
Packing: 100 pcs/box

Compatible Pens:
Sanofi Aventis: ClikStar,SoloStar,JuniorStar
Lily: Kwikpen, Humapen Memoir, Humapen Luxura HD, HumaPen Luxura, HumaPen Savvio, HumaPen ErgoII, Humalog Pen
Novo Nordisk: NovoPen 3&4&5, Innolet, FlexPen, Victoza, Novopen Echo
Owen Mumford: AutoPen Classic, Autopen Junior
Berlin Chemie: BerlinPen Areo, BerliPen Junio